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by Marilyn Grubb
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"Capturing that LUCKY shot!" 

Marilyn Grubb of Wembley Alberta, operates Chipabirdee Images, an artistic services/photography business focused on capturing the essence of the outdoors and the beauty of the Peace Region.  Birds, scenery and wildlife; humans engaged in including events and activities, her subjects are unlimited.  She has an eye for seeing a different light, the persistence to wait for the moment and the ability to put humans and the natural world at ease, while being photographed.

The visual world has mesmerized Marilyn throughout her life, her parents recounted times where, as a restless child she was soothed by watching free range chickens, through her bedroom window. Her first camera – a green Kodak film camera – was purchased with money she made selling greeting cards door to door when she was 10 years old.   Image capture has been a focal part of her life’s journey with upgrades throughout the years, including her first digital purchase, a Fuji camera 1.6MB her present day, Canon with a multitude of powerful lenses and images sized in the 23MB range.

While living in the artistically enriched community of Beaverlodge AB, Marilyn received art lessons from acclaimed Peace Region artist: Marjorie Henn. Those drawing lessons brought Marilyn’s visions to a higher level, allowing her to ensure emotion was included in her image captures. In the beginning of her life as an artist, Marilyn used her photos as reference for her drawings; however, while she still draws as a means of mental focus, she has evolved into a world of digital creations as her image library builds.   

If you are looking for a Peace Region image - there is a good chance Marilyn has it in her files!


It is difficult for Marilyn to narrow down a single or favourite experience as a photographer, however she claims to have developed wrinkles after capturing the antics of her beautiful grandchildren. She raves over the time spent with family and friends building her portfolio with some amazing candid shots of people, horses and pets. Birds, however, have continued to intrigue this artist, you will find her favoured Black Capped-Chickadees; featured, Owls – Snowy and Great; Trumpeter Swans and Bald Eagles.
Always drawn to light, angles and shapes, Marilyn considers herself very fortunate to be able to travel within the Peace and beyond, seeking and capturing special imagery to share.
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